St. Mary's Catholic School, Sterling, IL
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About St. Mary's School

St. Mary's is committed to providing a positive, challenging, academic oriented learning environment for all students. Our caring staff works together to provide a high quality educational experience in a nurturing and safe environment. We believe the children are the most important people at St. Mary's. We are a family school where the interests and values are shared by staff, parents, and students.

St Mary's School has been an integral part of the Sterling area since it was established in 1912. There have been many changes over the years, culminating with the construction of the current facility in 1997. Students from Saint Mary's Parish and Sacred Heart Parish attend the school as well as students from other denominations. The integration of religious truth and values with the rest of life is brought about in the Catholic School, not only by its curriculum, but more importantly, by the presence of teachers who express this integrated approach to learning and living in their professional and private lives.